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Home Waters

The Black Hills of South Dakota are a fly anglers paradise! Boasting many miles of public accessible water, and angler friendly water laws; South Dakota is an often overlooked fishery here in the Western United States. We stand firm in our resolve that there are few better spots to learn the sport of fly fishing.  Watersheds found within the Black Hills are made up mostly of creeks, as opposed to rivers like our neighboring states to the west. The smaller scale streams force the angler to hone their casting abilities. Aim small, miss small as we like to say.

We count it a privilege to be able to fly fish the Black Hills 365 days a year. On the hottest days of summer we have cold fishable water to explore, and thanks to our local tail water we have ice free water to wade even on the coldest days of winter. With healthy year round hatches of aquatic trout foods it’s easy to see why we’re proud of where we live.  Whether you’re just passing through the Hills and looking for a little DIY guidance, or perhaps you’ve lived in the area and just wanted to give fly fishing a try.. we are here to help.  

Please find attached a brief description of some of the creeks our guides are permitted to guide within the Black Hills National Forest. Should you have any further questions please email us at  or contact the owner directly. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience, barring of course the fish aren’t biting.

Spearfish Creek

The second largest creek in the Black Hills, Spearfish Creek truly is our home water, and what we affectionately refer to as “our office”. Voted as one of the top 100 trout streams in America it’s easy to see why Spearfish Creek is the pinnacle of Black Hills fly fishing. What’s truly special about Spearfish Creek and its fishery, is the fact it has not been stocked since the 1960s. That’s right folks!  A self-sustaining wild fishery right here in our very own backyard! 

The entire ecosystem within Spearfish Creek is healthy and pure. Wild Rainbow and Brown Trout are to be found here. There is a lack of litter, and our guides work hard to keep it that way. The quality of the water, and the abundance of aquatic trout foods provide a coloration and quality of fish found nowhere else in the Black Hills. If you’ve never had the privilege of driving Spearfish Canyon Highway you are in for a treat! A truly breathtaking journey alongside one of the prettiest creeks in the lower 48. The canyon experience is sure to leave you thinking “trout don’t live in ugly places”.

Rapid Creek

The largest creek within the Black Hills is Rapid Creek. Both Upper and Lower Rapid Creek offer fantastic fly fishing opportunities. Few memories equate to the joy found on the Rapid Creek of my youth. It still fishes well 30 years later. Put/take fishery where sections are strictly fly fish catch and release. Simply great Rainbow, Brown, and Brook Trout fishing can be had here. Of course we’d recommend a guide to get an appropriate rod/reel/line/leader recipe and correct flies to match the current hatches. If you’re going solo we wish you good fishing, and are happy to help with tips where we can.

Spring Creek

Spring creek can be an absolute hoot to fish! Given the right day of the week and the right stretch of Spring Creek.. one can easily feel like the whole creek is yours alone. Spring creek can also leave one scratching their heads thinking “did I really just catch that”? It’s hard to take a bad picture anywhere on Spring Creek, as theirs a stunning landscape round every bend. The fishing on Spring Creek definitely requires a degree of finesse, but overall it’s tough to have a bad day fishing in such a pretty spot. If you enjoy great dry fly this creek would be one of the first places I’d send you. Cheers!